What is a bright beat?

To us, it is an innovative, optimistic and sustained rhythm, inspired by the world around us.

We are inspired by those who “do good” while doing good business, and want to share those ideas with you.  And we use this website to highlight sights and sounds that remind us of what we are trying to preserve.


We offer a suite of services to brands, bands, facilities and events to improve their sustainability and awareness — in a variety of ways.

It is an ever-increasing desire of individuals to minimize their own “ecological footprint”, and demand that the brands, bands, teams and events they support do the same.  The significance of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is demonstrated by the increasing adoption of sustainable business practices and engagement of consumers in “green” initiatives.  However, environmental sustainability is only truly sustainable when it  positively impacts your bottom line.

BRIGHT BEAT sees the VALUE in sustainability, and works with businesses to identify opportunities, develop sustainability goals, and manage the strategic process from idea to action, analysis to outreach. Inspired by Principal Stephanie Katsaros’s fifteen years in the media and music industry, our innovative programs offer a unique opportunity to educate and promote change in the consciousness of the community in a positive, like-minded environment, while significantly reducing costs and conserving natural resources.


Principal – Stephanie Katsaros is a passionate environmentalist and persuasive changemaker, leading the development, assessment and promotion of sustainability initiatives at large-scale facilities and events with Bright Beat.

She built and manages the sustainability program at Allstate Arena, which was awarded the 2011 U.S. EPA WasteWise Gold Achievement Award for Public Venue Recycling and energy efficiency and recycling grants from the IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.  An active voice in the community, Katsaros serves on the GreenEconomyChicago Board, Chicago Stadium Recycling Task Force and Clear Channel Chicago Advisory Board.

As a respected media and marketing executive representing Chicago radio properties, websites and events, she enjoyed over fifteen years of building strategic partnerships, creating innovative sponsorships, and promoting quality music, artists, events and causes.  She continues to create content and event coverage, and has been featured on radio, TV and digital outlets around the world.

Katsaros spent fourteen months volunteering, working and exploring throughout twenty-eight countries, bringing back a refined knowledge of worldwide cultures, trends, opportunities, and needs. Always on the lookout inspiration, she can usually be spotted bouncing around Chicago and beyond, at concerts, festivals, conferences and events. She is (as are her clients) grateful for her invaluable international network of friends and mentors.

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