ALBERTA CROSS with Portugal. The Man

9pm @ Metro, Saturday 10/15/11

Portugal.  The Man are impressing fans and critics alike, these days.  I remember seeing them at Lincoln Hall in early 2010.  A smattering of fans were there, digging it, but the drunk DePaul kids that stuck around for their late-night start were disconnected and distracting.  But a lot can happen in 20 months.  

They have been picked up by Atlantic Records.  They produced a short film, which aired on IFC.  Their van, trailer and band gear was stolen after their set at Lollapalooza — most were recovered, and an arrest was made.  And they sold out their show at Metro, this Saturday 10/15!

So, enough talk about PTM.  I think their touring partner/opening act is headed on the same trajectory, minus the burglary, though totally different in style and sound.

ALBERTA CROSS is a Swedish-English born band that moved from London to America to find fans and inspiration.  Their sound is often described as ”Southern Rock”, but I think it has more emotion, more fight, and an what I’d call ‘Swedish soul’.  Their first full-length album Broken Side of Time is rock-solid, and reminiscent of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s HOWL… which I think is no accident.  They’ve just put out an EP, which I was told is not a sampling, but rather and accompaniment to their next release on ATO Records.  Keep your eyes out for that record, and this band.  As lead singer Petter Ericson Stakee told me in our interview, they are always evolving.  And I think their interpretation of their inspirations will find a striking sound all its own.

I chatted with a sniffly Petter before their ROCKING set last Thursday at Stubb’s BBQ in Austin:

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