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Eco Education is a top priority of Bright Beat, be it at a multi-day music festival, non-profit fundraiser, or a corporate holiday party. Sharing our knowledge of, and passion for the environment and sustainable living, Bright Beat activates eco education in a variety of ways to engage diverse audiences. From sharing radical recycling facts, promoting the virtues of composting, demystifying recycled-content goods, and keeping clothing and e-waste out of the landfill, Bright Beat has the resource recovery domain covered. Our impact extends well beyond bins by offering tree saplings for adoption, encouraging energy-saving pledges and providing biking resources. Bright Beat inspires action, not just intention. Action confirmed by each attendee we meet who values our presence, recognizes the positive impact, and relays their appreciation. They are inspired to act! That’s successful Eco Education.

(1) Eco Educator manning an Eco Station (2) Water refill stations avoid plastic bottle waste (3) Resource recovery at attention-catching ZeroHero tents (4) Proud parent of a Norway Spruce sapling thanks to our Be a Hero, Adopt a Tree initiative


Enjoy some of the best festivals in Chicago and beyond, while doing your part for the environment.

2018 Events
Electric Forest Festival – June 21-24 & June 28-July 1 – Rothbury, MI

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Bright Beat looks for passionate and outgoing team members to inspire and educate the community on environmental conservation best practices, while reducing waste. Participants are trained and geared up, while receiving hands-on experience in resource recovery, public engagement and community outreach!

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Pro-Diversity Policy: Bright Beat is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, identification, age, disability or veteran status.

Youth are welcome to apply for early shifts. Work permits or employment certificates from your local school must be provided at the time of application for 14 and 15 year olds (820 ILCS 205/9-12).

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