RiversideTV. March 29, 2018
Olmsted Society: How Zero Waste Can Become a Reality

Stephanie was invited to speak about her work with municipalities, businesses, and other organizations to come up with strategies to conserve resources and reduce waste. She shows how it is possible to combine the excitement of music, sports, and cultural events with public enthusiasm for sustainability. Her lecture included examples of her projects, from the Chicago Jazz Festival and the NFL Draft to Riverside’s Hop Stop Craft Beer Festival.

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The Field Museum. January 29, 2018
No Napkin Left Behind: Why Zero Waste Matters

In partnership with The Field Museum, Bright Beat developed Zero Waste plans for the Chicago Community Climate Forum. What does that really mean? We will let The Field tell you in their own words…
“A full 90% of all waste—any paper fliers, unfinished food items, and really anything deposited in a receptacle—had to be diverted from landfill. By working with local specialists Bright Beat, we were able to achieve that at the Climate Forum: the event passed with flying colors, with a 95.3% waste diversion rate. In other words, 1/50th of one pound of waste per attendee went to a landfill, while the remainder was reused, recycled, or composted.”

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Next Bites. October 4, 2017

Bright Beat: Stephanie Katsaros

Acknowledging a few overlapping goals of both Next Bites and Bright Beat, Ms. Martinez sat down with Stephanie to learn more about her inspirations, motivations and the entrepreneurial spirit that founded Bright Beat.

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DNAInfo. March 29, 2017

Green Music Fest Returns for 9th Summer in Wicker Park

Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1st) praised the annual festival in a statement. “Wicker Park is thrilled to have a nationally and internationally acclaimed festival, with such exemplary environmental practices, in our neighborhood,” Moreno said. “Green Music Fest showcases the best of Wicker Park, and inspires us all to live with a lighter footprint.” A $10 donation at admission will reward fest-goers with a “Refill Don’t Landfill” reusable stainless steel cup to enjoy beer at the festival.

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PRWeb. December 21, 2016

Jack Johnson, Bruce Dern, Rita Coolidge, & Woodstock Co-Founder Michael Lang Among Those Honored at “Best of the Fests 2016”

Raising the bar for sustainable event production, Bright Beat’s work on Green Music Fest won the FestForums’ 2016 Best of the Fests: Music Festival Sustainability award. The three-day festival was a convergence of music, film, food & beverage with a special focus on sustainability, charity and technology. Receiving this award, on the same stage that Jack & Kim Johnson were honored for their commitment to environmental sustainability, was a true inspiration.

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Look to the Stars. December 19, 2016
Jack Johnson Honored For Promoting Sustainability At Events

Perfectly capping off the ceremony in which Green Music Fest was awarded FestForums’ 2016 Best of the Fests: Music Festival Sustainability, Jack Johnson shared, “It’s an honor to receive the FestForums Sustainability Award. There are so many amazing events around the world which have made a strong commitment to sustainability and have been successful in engaging festival-goers in environmental action. I’m excited to be a part of these conversations and see these changes happening in the festival community.”

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Frederick Law Olmsted Society. Fall 2016
President’s Letter: Rob Dixon

“One change with HopStop for this year was a concerted effort on zero waste. Flood Brothers partnered with us to work with Bright Beat to look closely at the waste stream and create as little landfill waste as possible. I am pleased to report that with over 500 attendees at the event, we generated only 5 pounds of landfill waste.”

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BioCycle. January, 2016
FarmAid Plants Seeds of Sustainability

Venues hosting Farm Aid’s annual concert are required to serve food sustainably grown by local family farmers and institute organics recycling. Event food service operators are required by Farm Aid criteria to use only recyclable or compostable packaging, with the goal of eventually being a zero waste event.

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EPA. November 13, 2015
About the 2015 Food Recovery Challenge Award Winners

Continued national recognition validates strong commitments and infrastructure upgrades at MB Financial Park. Private and public partnership on food waste prevention and diversion activities at MB Financial Park at Rosemont/Village of Rosemont was recognized by the EPA as a 2015 Food Recovery Challenge Leadership in Narrative winner.

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LiveLive. July 5, 2015
“Live from the Lot” Grateful Dead Pre-Show Day 3

Take a peek behind the scenes, and into the recycling bin, at the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary Fare Thee Well show. While thousands of DeadHeads relished three unforgettable shows, Bright Beat was busy ensuring over 98 TONS of material was donated, composted or recycled.

Click on the image above to see the full interview. June, 2015
Sports Teams Build Food Recovery Awareness
From donation to diversion, professional sports teams, leagues and events across the country are implementing various ways to reduce food waste. Food waste diversion and plastic drink cup recycling are pillars to the success of Allstate Arena’s ‘Green for a Reason’ sustainability program.

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UIC Office of Sustainability. April 16, 2015

Earth Day is on the brain everyday for a vast array of sustainability professionals of Chicago area facilities, events and organizations. Members of the Chicago Sustainability Task Force (CSTF), including Bright Beat, not only lead unique programs, but convenience bi-monthly to share best practices, support one another and learn from fellow members’ successes (and even failures). Regardless of the day, CSTF members are driving programming forward in Chicago and uniting as a force to be reckoned with.

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Music Festival Keeps Beat with Composting

Hundreds of trash-talker, addressing gateway litter and Coffee County composting initiatives place Bonnaroo in a class of it’s own in terms of large-scale festival sustainability. Stephanie Katsaros takes us behind the scenes to thoroughly understand the motives and goals of these initiatives.

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Christian Science Monitor. July 22, 2014
Melting ice rinks? Why NHL has ‘vested interest’ to curb global warming

Having a vested interest in the natural resources that define the sport, the NHL initiates conversation on global climate change. From water availability, to chilly climates, to energy demands, the NHL is situated to positively influence a large, attentive fan-base who root for the the sport’s continued success.

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Twitter. July 31, 2013

Just another day in the neighborhood, chatting with Congressman Mike Quigley at Wicker Park Fest.

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Recycling Today. June 26, 2014
Illinois Recycling Association announces 2014 award winners

Eco Education is an integral component to many, if not all of Bright Beat’s projects. Recognizing the importance and impact of this work, the Illinois Recycling Association named Stephanie Katsaros Recycling Educator of the Year.

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Blurt. July 18, 2013
THE ECO-URGE: Bright Beat

Blurt, a music print magazine and online outlet, gets to know Bright Beat in THE ECO-URGE: Bright Beat. Blurt, originally known as Harp Magazine for over 10 years, was considered one of the best music magazines of the decade in the early 2000s.

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Chicago Tribune.  July 27, 2013
Being Green on the Scene

Eco Educator Kristen Kay teaching about cup composting (Wicker Park Fest 2012)

Being green is easy, if you have the right mindset. For Chicago entertainment venues it takes some re-education and a little extra effort, but soon it becomes second nature.

Take, for example, this weekend’s Wicker Park Fest. When all you want to do is toss your beer cup, the four recycling bins might confuse you. That’s when you might meet a petite woman with a megaphone voice and a Julia Roberts smile. If you’re confused about where to toss your empty beer cup, she’ll lead you to the right bin. And if you let her, she will chat with you about trash for hours.

That’ll be Stephanie Katsaros, a sustainability consultant for entertainment venues and events. She’s also the “green initiative” manager for Wicker Park Fest and Green Music Fest.

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Bucktown-Wicker Park Patch. August 5, 2013
‘Eco Educators’ Keep 70,000 ‘Green’ at Wicker Park Fest

More than 70,000 people may have jammed out to bands at Wicker Park Fest, but they according to Bright Beat, it was all done with an eco-friendly twist.

The organization, which specializes in large-scale sustainability strategies, hit the festival in full force, reporting they helped attendees to recycle more than 16,000 plastic cups at the event.  By staffing “Eco Educators” at 50 cup-recycling containers, organizers say they helped keep the most ubiquitous item found at a festival out of the landfill…

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DNAinfo. July 2, 2013
The Nosh, a New Food Festival, Comes to Wicker Park

Featuring local and artisanal items, The Nosh was produced sustainably with the help of Bright Beat. Preceding the era of popular food stand parks in cities like Austin and Portland, The Nosh was short lived, but well loved.

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Headline News / HLN TV. July 6, 2012
Bonnaroo: The Green music festival

Stephanie Katsaros, Event Greening Expert

Style Network / Chicagolicious. June 18, 2012
Chicagolicious 102: Little Green Lie

Stephanie Katsaros, Green Consultant  (her TV show debut!)

GreenSense Radio
“The Greening of American Sports Stadiums”:

Stephanie Katsaros, Sustainability Consultant Allstate Arena

This 18-thousand-seat arena is host to numerous sporting events and other live entertainment. Find out how this existing structure has re-engineered their daily operations to become not only more environmentally friendly, but more profitable.

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Crain’s Chicago Business.  June 21, 2012
Chicago music fest grooves to a green beat

With help from Bright Beat and others, we can educate other event producers that they can do this too. I anticipate that eventually every event in the city of Chicago will be obligated to step up their greening efforts to mirror ours…

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Crain’s Chicago Business.  April 12, 2012
Wicker Park fair aims to inspire small firms to go green

… Our next sustainable event is the Green Music Fest, planned for June 23 and 24. A new Green Village will be part of the music fest this year, which will be a designated area that will have lots of educational demonstrations of ways the general public can go green. We’re also greening the fest with a robust recycling program that will be run by Bright Beat. We want these events to be as sustainable as possible, too.

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Daily Herald.  February 16, 2012
Rosemont’s Allstate Arena wins EPA award for green efforts

In 2010, the Allstate Arena in Rosemont amassed 73 tons of recyclable material.

Because of that and several other “green” initiatives, the Allstate Arena has earned the U.S. EPA’s 2011 WasteWise Gold Achievement Award — the first major public events venue in the Chicago area to do so.

“By improving the efficiency of waste management we were able to not just divert from landfills and reduce the carbon footprint, it reduces the consumption of fossil fuels from the transportation,” said Stephanie Katsaros, the arena’s sustainability manager.  “It also reduces operational cost,” she added.

Allstate developed the ambitious Green for a Reason campaign to raise recycling awareness among performers, athletic teams and patrons.  The arena — home of the Chicago Wolves, Chicago Rush, Chicago Sky and DePaul University men’s basketball — hosts hundreds of entertainment events and seats nearly 20,000 fans.

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Chicago Sun-Times.  July 28, 2011
When Lollapalooza Popped: Perry Farrell Looks Back To 1991

Stephanie Katsaros, a Chicago sustainability consultant who was 16 at Lollapalooza ’91 at the World, got her view by standing on the pavilion armrests, “headbanging and fist-pumping to ‘Head Like a Hole’ during NIN.”

Her experience at the first Lollapalooza was so satisfying and eye-opening, she’s been to every one except 2008. The music was great, she says, but the crowd was amazing.

“The scope of the people — it was almost like the high school cafeteria, with punks on one side and preps on the other, had been mixed up,” she says. “This melange of people and ideas. It was the first time I’d seen that kind of movement. It started in the parking lot. People had coolers and food and drinks at their cars, just hanging out. It was definitely not a Grateful Dead parking lot scene. I remember black T-shirts and piercings and mohawks. All these people kind of finding each other. We didn’t know there was an ‘us’!”

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Crain’s Chicago Business.  January 13, 2011
Green Scene: Turning green-minded Chicagoans into potential policy-makers

A citizen-driven website focusing on policy solutions for Chicago’s green economy and local sustainability issues just got a face-lift…  Crain’s met with Ms. Katsaros to find out more about how business owners and others could benefit from participating in the 2.0 version of the site. 

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Daily Herald.  Fall 2010
Allstate Arena Goes Green

As a kid, Stephanie Katsaros vividly recalls attending the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus at Allstate Arena.  As an adult, she still heads to Rosemont on a frequent basis.  Only now, she does so as a consultant.  Katsaros was hired to provide strategic advice on recycling and the development of a sustainability plan at Allstate Arena.  Katsaros already made a difference.  “A lot of people say it is too expensive, but sustainable initiatives don’t have to be cost prohibitive.”

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The DePaulia.  November 08, 2010
Blue Demons Make A Green Effort

Allstate Arena, which hosts DePaul’s most highly attended sporting event, men’s basketball, hired Bright Beat, an environmental consulting agency, in November 2009. From January-October of 2009, Allstate Arena hauled away 240 tons of trash. Due to the recycling initiatives put in place with the hire of Bright Beat, Allstate Arena had 202 tons of trash and roughly 50 tons of recycling hauled away during the same time frame in 2010.  “Recycling is kind of the part of sustainability that you can touch and feel,” said Katsaros. “When you can… participate in the reduced impact on the environment I think that that’s really the exciting and important part of getting these public facilities to sort of communicate these initiatives and demonstrate the commitment to it.”

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Billboard Green Issue.  April 17, 2010
Realize the Financial Benefits of Going Green
Stephanie Katsaros, Sustainability Consultant for venues, including the Allstate Arena outside Chicago:

“Dispel the myth that recycling is too costly.  Crunch the numbers, and your accountant will advocate your green initiative.  Venues can enjoy reduced disposal fees and electric efficiency incentives as they gain valuable “green cred” with artists and fans.  Hold your industry partners accountable.  Ask questions – don’t assume your plastics are being recycled because it said so on the rider, or was thrown in a green bin.”

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Journal & Topics Newspapers.  November 18, 2009
Rosemont Taking Allstate Arena Into ‘Green’ Territory

The Village of Rosemont, like many communities throughout the country, is getting on the “green” bandwagon to help preserve the local environment.

Village board members recently approved an agreement with consultant Stephanie Katsaros to provide advise on matters involving recycling, the reduction of paper and other materials generated at the Allstate Arena.

According to Katsaros’ website, her efforts will include “developing a recycling program, environmentally preferable purchasing policy and energy/water efficiency assessment for the indoor stadium with a goal of reducing its environmental impact and fostering change in the environmental consciousness of the community at large.”

Mayor Bradley Stephens recently stated that Katsaros will also meet with Allstate Arena custodial personnel and concessionaires to help make the property more green and environmental friendly.

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